Personal Training in San Diego – Fitness Coaching

There are a lot of options for personal training in San Diego, but none quite like this. Totally customized fitness coaching programs designed to fit you – your goals, your abilities, your circumstances. My focus on setting you up for long-term success. You’ll learn how to get fit, and stay fit, when and where it works for you.

The path to fitness begins where you are.

Wherever you are right now, that’s the place to begin. What can you do? What resources do you have? What drives you? What do you really want? Who do you want to be? And why? What are your strengths? What needs work?

Together we will …

  • Assess the current state of your fitness.
  • Discuss your unique interests, abilities, and challenges.
  • Inventory the equipment, facilities, and time you have available.
  • Clarify your short-term and long-term goals.

Get moving, safely and with confidence.

The path to a healthier, stronger, more energized you starts with safe, correct technique, and mindful training.

You’ll start out well-equipped to succeed.

  • We will explore how to optimize or expand on your fitness resources.
  • In our in-person training sessions you’ll learn correct, safe technique.
  • You’ll have a clearly-written exercise program that works for you.

Your training programs will include …

  • Workouts to suite your schedule, equipment, and preferences.
  • Energizing warm-ups, a vigorous workout, gentle stretches, and cooling down.
  • Exercises to build strength, mobility, lean muscle, and endurance.

You’ve got this, and I’ve got your back.

Regular in-person or remote in-depth coaching sessions let us address any beliefs, fears, or misunderstandings that keep you from reaching your goals.

  • Coaching to build solid exercise and eating habits.
  • Strategies for incorporating physical activity into your daily life.
  • Exercise and nutrition coaching for improving body composition.
  • Support chats between sessions via text, email, or phone.
  • Periodic re-assessments and program adjustments.

Moving outward and onward!

There’s so much more to fitness than just working out and getting strong. Once you’re on the path, where would you like it to lead? You might not know yet. As you become more capable and more confident you’ll begin to see new possibilities for yourself, from participating in a local fun run, to getting serious about weightlifting. Options will open up for you, and I’m here to help you continue moving forward.

  • Mindful movement and body awareness.
  • Stress reduction and the fundamentals of meditation.
  • Journal to further explore your goals.
  • Discover fun sports or physical activities you’ll enjoy.
  • Develop qualities specific to your sport or activity.
  • Make the transition from “getting in shape” to enjoying lifelong fitness.

Coming soon: Packages for personal training in San Diego.

In the next few weeks I’ll be releasing a series of packages for personal training in San Diego and surrounding areas. I’m here to support you in your journey, from exploring the possibilities, through getting started, to staying on the path to lifelong success.

Let’s talk. Call, text, or email me:
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