Here’s How It’s Done

I just read the article below, about Eli Sapharti’s story of regaining his health. This is the way to transform your life – whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, being healthier, or anything else. Commit to just one or two things at a time, so you can be successful. Then add little by little. Drink a glass of water each day. Walk a few minutes. Eat a salad for dinner once a week. Whatever.

One of the things I did early on was to walk around a small park near work every day on my lunch break.

“While on that business trip, I lay in my hotel bed thinking not only about how I got to that point, but also about how I was going to stop this downward spiral of becoming fatter and sicker. I thought of all the diets I had been on and how many workout plans I had attempted with very minor and temporary success that eventually led to total failure. It was at that moment that I committed to making two small changes in order to be at least a little healthier: 1) I committed to walking for 15 minutes every day and 2) I quit drinking regular soft drinks. I used to drink two liters of soda per day!”

Read more, on Eli Sapharti is 45, 6 feet tall, and in 2008 he weighed 290 pounds. Today, he’s dropped to 190 pounds. This is the story of his weight-loss journey.

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