Something you should know…

Part of being a certified fitness professional – a limitation of my legal Scope of Practice – is that I must not go around giving my personal recommendations for diets or nutrition, and I cannot prescribe certain exercises to treat conditions, or diagnose anything. I am not qualified to do that. That’s great for protecting the public from bad advice. I cannot tell you (even if you ask) which fad diet, “cleanse,” or fast you should do. I can’t declare that you have shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS) from sitting hunched over your computer, or tell you what exercises you should do to remedy it.

As for nutrition and diet, all I can do (if you ask for my advice on what you should eat) is to recommend that you follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (currently the 2010 version), a joint publication of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services and the US. Dept. of Agriculture, and show you how to use the tools at ChooseMyPlate.gov, a service of the US Dept. of Agriculture. While there is some good information there, remember that it is at least 5 years old. Lots of new research has been done since they were published. The 2015 guidelines are currently under development.

For exercise, I am trained in providing group programs in which I can (and should) offer workouts with a range of modifications appropriate for the people in the group. For instance, a lunch hour fitness program for tech support staff might well include shoulder exercises and stretches intended to help counteract hours at a desk. Workouts for seniors would include long, slow warm-ups and extra focus on balance and strength.

On the other hand, I am expected to keep up with current research and share new information with my clients. And that’s what this section is about. We have learned a lot in just the past few years. When I see a reliable report, paper, or article worth sharing I will include it on this Research section.

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