Benefits of Meditation

There are many forms of meditation – some still, some in motion – but the all share an underlying principle: Meditation is a practice in focused awareness and presence. A popular misconception is that meditation is a kind of deep relaxation or “spacing out.” It is not. It is an exercise in keeping your attention in the present moment.

Check out these articles to learn about some of the research that’s finally revealing, thanks to increasing interest from medical professionals (it’s about time!) and technological advances in measuring our brain and body activity, what people who practice mediation have known for centuries: Meditation is good for our health and happiness.

Research Shows Physical and Psychological Benefits of Meditation

This article from Medical News Today, “Does meditation have benefits for mind and body?” by Dr. Robert Schneider, is an excellent overview discussing many benefits of meditation, with links to journal articles with more detailed information on the research.

“Research on Transcendental Meditation (TM), for example, has found reduced blood pressure and insulin resistance (useful for preventing diabetes), slowing of biological aging, and even a 48% reduction in the rates of heart attack, stroke and death.”

“In studies on long-term and even short-term practitioners of Transcendental Meditation, subjects report the experience of a fundamental level of unity and wholeness in their awareness. This gives them a deep feeling of peace, connectedness and relief from stress.

Electrocardiogram (ECG) and brain imaging research shows that meditators’ brains actually function differently than those who have not learned the technique.”


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