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Research on fitness, nutrition, and psychology is constantly growing and evolving, especially in recent years. While there is much to learn, a few things are clear: Challenging movement is good for our bodies and our minds. Connection with others has benefits for our physical and mental health. Being in nature helps us thrive.

No research (as far as I am aware) recommends being sedentary or socially isolated, or avoiding the outdoors.

Regular moderate-to-vigorous exercise is shown over and over again to improve both physical and mental health. It improves heart and lung function, supports our backs and joints, raises our metabolism, helps us focus, improves our mood, and much more. What’s more, mentally challenging activities, especially those done with others – martial arts, dance, CrossFit, games and sports, group fitness programs, etc. – are even more beneficial.

In this section you’ll find links to recommended reports, papers, and articles discussing recent research and findings related to exercise, activity, and health. There are also mentions of valuable books, podcasts, and other sources of information, when appropriate.

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