You Can Do This!

I help motivated, ambitious people get and stay in great shape, on their own.

Do you have a big vision, milestone, or event coming up? Need a little fine-tuning, or a complete restoration project? I can help you get moving, stay on track, and reach your goals.

Are you ready?

We’ve all heard of folks with time to go to a gym and work with a trainer three or four times a week. Know anyone like that? I sure don’t. And I don’t have that kind of time myself, either! That’s why I specialize in working with normal people with lots of commitments, little time, and big goals.

My approach is perfect for anyone who …

… is raising a family or caring for someone at home.
… has a flexible, unusual, or unpredictable schedule.
… finds getting to a gym inconvenient or impossible.
… is self-conscious, or just doesn’t like being watched.
… is an introvert, a private person, or massively famous.

You’ll also like this way of training if you …

… want to make more progress in less time.
… would rather use your time working out than sitting in traffic.
… would rather spend money once on equipment than every month at the gym.
… prefer mentoring and support over direction and supervision.
… love the gym, or your class, but want something more, too.

Ditch the Couch. Get a Coach!

There’s a lot you can do all by yourself. Heck, my priority is helping you learn how to succeed on your own! You can work out at your convenience, choosing exercises you’ll enjoy, at home or wherever you like. But it’s still not easy. Old habits don’t just die hard, they go down fighting. Getting out of your comfort zone can be, well, uncomfortable. It’s difficult to keep up your motivation and stay consistent on your own. Everyone finds it challenging. That’s why a coach you can trust, one who believes in you and reminds you of your vision, is so important when working on your fitness and nutrition!

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